Exeter House Vocational Centre Careers Curriculum Statement

Post 14 Curriculum

All students cover the ASDAN Personal Progress units:

Developing Skills for the Workplace –Growing and caring for Plants (2 credits)

Developing Skills for the Workplace –Following Instructions (2credits)

Developing Skills for the Workplace –Health and Safety (2credits)

Post 16 Curriculum

Pre Entry level students cover the ASDAN Personal Progress units:

Developing Skills for the Workplace –Looking and Acting the Part (2 credits)

Developing Skills for the Workplace-Getting things done (4 credits)

Entry level students cover the ASDAN Personal and Social development unit:

Preparation for work (2 credits at Entry 1, 2 or 3)

Entry level students complete Work experience during Year 14, which includes preparing students for a work experience placement, supporting students in identifying and securing a suitable placement and supporting them to undertake the placement as independently as possible. Consider career goals both pre and post placement. Review learning and opportunities for future employment.

We work with ‘CSW Enterprise’ to facilitate all relevant checks and insurances with Work experience providers and ‘Job Centre Plus support for schools’ to deliver transferable skills, mock interviews and support CV writing.

The careers curriculum and the positive benefits of students attending a work experience placement are discussed with parents during Year 12. Written parental permission and health information for the work experience provider is then sought from parents before any work experience placements are taken up in years 13 and 14. Updates on how the placement is benefiting the student are fed back to parents and students are issued with a certificate at the end of their placement to celebrate their successes.

All students are enabled to make effective transitions from Exeter House to future destinations, by facilitating visits to college and social care placements and providing students with information on supported work placements and internships, facilitated by Wiltshire Connect service.

Within this department there are PMLD/complex needs specialist classes. These classes are primarily for pupils engaging in learning at a sensory level. Please refer to the PMLD/complex needs booklet for more information on the structure and curriculum in these classes.